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Why Take a Campus Tour?
  • Learn the unique approach to Classical Christian education
  • Tour the classrooms and meet some of our faculty and staff
What Makes The Cambridge School one of the best private schools in San Diego?
  • Our Educational Goals – We want our students to become leaders in their churches, communities and professional contexts. For this reason, The Cambridge School seeks to train virtuous scholars—people who embrace an intelligent faith and professional excellence.

  • Our Faculty –  Most of our faculty members have Masters degrees (and some have earned multiples or PhD’s). Not only are our teachers committed to laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning, they seek to mold the character and soul of each student. In other words—our teachers care deeply for your children.

  • Our Philosophy of Education – A Cambridge education places a premium on academic excellence, and at the same time values a strong spiritual foundation. Our emphasis on both academic rigor and spiritual formation provide the ingredients for a combustive dynamic that produces students who love to learn and love God.

  • Our Distinctives – While many other schools facing budgetary shortfalls have had to increase class sizes, The Cambridge School maintains its commitment to small classes ideally capped at 18 students. And while many schools spend enormous energy and time preparing for standardized tests, The Cambridge School spends very little time on this type of preparation (we’re too busy studying other great subjects like Art, Music, Science, Mandarin, Latin and History). Yet despite our under-emphasis on test preparation, Cambridge students have consistently performed in the mid-to-upper 90th percentiles on standardized tests.

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