Classical Collegium
April 28, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Improbable Genius: Inhabiting the times and minds of the scientific revolution

by Dr. Melissa Gingrich and Dr. Cassandra Siler

The 17th century is known as the “Age of Genius”. Beginning with the astronomers of Italy and Germany and moving to the advent of the Royal Society in England, a rudimentary understanding of the Universe based on common sense and geometric perfection was gradually abandoned for one of testable hypotheses and predictable laws of nature. But if we take a moment to venture into the world of the men who forged this progress, we find an intriguing picture of the constraints they overcame to arrive at the understanding of nature we have today. Reflecting on their stories can give us insight to how our own minds approach ideas surrounding science and nature.

We will go on a tour of the lives and ideological environments of some of the century’s great pioneer scientists. We will show visual examples and do brief demonstrations that illustrate the radical nature of their ideas against the backdrop of what was believed and known in Renaissance Europe.

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